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All prices are in USD - Payment via PayPal - Examples, Details and T.O.S Below!


♡ $35 each

♡ $160 for bundle of 5


♡ $40/45 layered and ready to send to one of my animators - they charge separately in the range of $15-25 per emote!

♡ $50 for bongos or simple two frame animations

badges examples.png


♡ $25 each

♡ +$20 for simple add-ons

♡ +$10 for recolor only

The last two rows would be examples of simple recolors working off the same base badge


♡ $30 initial design (no character)

♡ +$20 for each repeating panel

♡ +$40 for each character design


♡ $50 initial design

♡ +$30 for each overlay

♡ contact for pricing on custom art for your overlay

Overlay designs include a simple BG, 1 Webcam, 1 Chatbox and 3 Labels in the pricing. If you want an animated overlay please reach out for a better quote


♡ $100 Chibi Style/Light Render + $50 extra Pokemon

♡ $130 Full Render Style + $65 extra Pokemon

♡ $150 PFP Icons/Bust Up (Person + Pet/Pokemon)

♡ $200+ Thigh Up Illustration

♡ $300+ Full Body Illustration

Free simple coloured BG included, detailed BG starting at $75+

Prices can vary based on complexity of your design! Please fill out a form to get a better quote! Commercial usage add 50% fee


Terms of Service

Please read everything before commissioning me.

By purchasing my art services and sending your deposit, you agree to these terms and consent that you have read and understand this T.O.S in it's entirety.

To request a commission, you must fill out a form. Accepted commissions will be sent a deposit which must be paid to secure your place in my commission queue.

Please have your ideas, mood board, references, or examples ready when you fill out a form so I can give you an accurate quote.

I own the artwork you have commissioned and have the right to post to socials as well as stream the process of your art. If you have to request a private commission, please let me know in advance.

I will not create an exact copy or replicate another artist's style.

All artwork unless otherwise agreed upon is intended for non-commercial use. Commercial use is available starting at 50% of the total value of your order.



Payments are via PayPal ONLY and all prices are in USD.

In order to reserve your spot, I require a 50% deposit. The sketching phase begins shortly after. You will be allowed a few revisions during this phase to capture the essence of what you are looking for.

Once final lineart begins, no changes can be made and your deposit is non-refundable. Final payment is due prior to receiving your artwork. 

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